Local Business Highlight: Tomayia Colvin Education

Lauren Price
Lauren Price
Published on March 11, 2021

Community focused education & empowerment for photographers

Gorgeous, vivid photographs weren’t the only thing that drew us into Dr. Tomayia Colvin’s photographic art, but her drive to bring more of that and the knowledge needed to grow Black women entrepreneurs in our community. In business for over 10 years, she founded Tomayia Colvin Education, an online education platform for photographers, so that others can learn how to run a successful photography business while being inclusive. From body positivity, to the LGBTQ+ community, Tomayia encourages photographers to create a business that honors and showcases diversity.

We asked her how she got started with Tomayia Colvin Education:
“I went back to get a doctorate to fully understand how adults learn and what strategies and support systems were needed for Black Women Photographers to be successful.”

“I’d taught little people in the classroom for 10 years as a teacher but wanted to find the gaps that we were missing for Black women and how to best serve them. My thought was if I could research this and come up with a solution, I could change the trajectory of other Black women’s lives in their businesses. We wouldn’t have to be without direction and could have profitable businesses.”

How did she use what she learned: “Through this study, I created a 7 step Framework “The SMILE System” that I use to guide the Momentum Mastermind. Every week, the members meet with me and discuss their goals, we provide accountability, and work through my original Momentum Mastermind curriculum.”

“As a result of the Momentum Mastermind, people who look like me are confidently leaving their full-time jobs for entrepreneurship, have clarity in business, make 5 figures a month, have workflows & systems that work, and have a team of support so that they don’t have to go through life and business alone.”

What makes the Humble area so business friendly? “Warm weather and limitless sunshine in the spring. Nothing is more beautiful and empowering to me than a sunny day.” And she has a lot to enjoy lately!

Be sure to check out her upcoming event: Mini Session Magic at the link here and tell her Hello Lake Houston sent you!

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