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A historic and unique neighborhood inside The Loop, Rice Military is the perfect place for your new home!

Rice Military is a unique neighborhood, conveniently located inside the Loop. The area is constantly evolving to align with new trends, both in construction and lifestyle.

Rice Military was originally a World War I-era U.S. Army training camp called Camp Logan, and was replaced by Memorial Park after the war. The “Rice” in Rice Military comes from the family who used to own the area. Back then, it was a rural community with neighborhood stores and bungalow-style houses. In the late 1990s, artists started moving into the area. By 2003, the neighborhood was attracting young professionals.

Around the 1990s artists began arriving in the area and caused it to change. By 2003 many young professionals moved to Rice Military to be in proximity to restaurants, theaters, and Memorial Park. During that year, Tim Bammel, a real estate agent working for Martha Turner Properties quoted in the Houston Chronicle, said that Rice Military became “a real urban center.”

The community is in proximity to Memorial Park and River Oaks.[2] David Walter, a Rice Military resident quoted in the Houston Chronicle, said that one could travel to Downtown Houston from Rice Military in five minutes. The boundaries of the Rice Military neighborhood are Washington Ave on the north, the Buffalo Bayou on the south, Shepherd Drive on the east, and Westcott Street on the west.

As of 2008 Rice Military proper had 391 houses. Karen Derr, the owner of the real estate firm Karen Derr & Associates, said that many area realtors also associate houses in neighboring subdivisions and label them as being in “Rice Military”.  The Rice Military Neighborhood area has around 2250 houses.

The original Rice Military houses consisted of small bungalow houses and shotgun houses. Because of a lack of restrictions against types of houses that one could construct, various housing styles emerged in Rice Military. In 2003 houses included single-family houses, two- and three-story townhouses, and condominiums.

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Schools in Rice Military

Residents are zoned to the following Houston ISD schools:

Things to see in Rice Military

The Beer Can House is a folk art house in Rice Military, Houston, Texas, covered with beer cans, bottles, and other beer paraphernalia.

Houstonian John Milkovisch worked through the late 1960s to transform his Houston home at 222 Malone Street into the Beer Can House. The Beer Can House is now one of Houston’s most recognizable folk art icons. It is covered with flattened beer cans, bottle caps, bottles, and other beer ephemera. The house is estimated to include over 50,000 beer cans.

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